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Aescuvest and EIT Health join together to unite two big supporters of new technologies and ideas in healthcare. Together we operate the leading platform to foster and crowdfund smart healthcare ideas. This independent launch pad offers digital financing strategies to European start-up-companies and an above-average impact and profit share to European investors.

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The European Union is key driver behind this joint initiative. We are inviting all founders to apply for one of the rare spots on the platform. We are perfect partners for the exclusively chosen start-ups, and assist them to succeed with their crowdfunding campaigns.


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Launch Campaign: Surge-on Medical

The challenge

As minimally invasive surgeries are performed through small incisions and the manipulation of rigid surgical instruments is limited, gaining access to the surgical site can be challenging. This is especially true for body cavities difficult to reach such as the human knee joint. Surgeons often struggle with gaining access to the surgical site as well as with the alignment of the instrument tip for manipulation, suturing or cutting of the tissues.
Decreased reachability causes an unnecessary increase in operation time and surgical workflow, as surgeons are forced to exchange instruments up to 20 times per surgery to successfully perform the procedures. Moreover, healthy tissues are at risk, because surgeons can accidentally load the tissues with the instrument too strongly in their efforts to reach the pathologic area with the instrument tip. Finally, a large number of pre-bent instruments are required to be available in each surgery, which leads to high purchase and sterilization costs.

The solution

Our innovative solution is the Steerable Punch, a steerable arthroscopic cutter for meniscectomies. The Steerable Punch offers the needed extra reachability in knee joints and replaces the multiple pre-bent cutting tools required per surgery. With it, surgeons could perform arthroscopic knee surgeries with just one instrument as they can now steer the tip towards the damaged tissue. This is achieved by our multi-patented articulation mechanism which allows the tip to steer and simultaneously allows precision cutting of tough tissues. The Steerable Punch is also easy to disassemble for cleaning and sterilization, which opens the possibility to reuse it over a prolonged period against minimal expenses for the hospital. Moreover, the Steerable Punch is intuitive in use and prevents surgeon fatigue.
The expected market value for the Steerable Punch is €273 million. With the steerable technology, Surge-on Medical aims to become the new standard in arthroscopic instruments, owning most of the market for arthroscopic punches.

What makes Surge-on Medical special

The combination of steerability, detachability, and cleanability in the Steerable Punch are essential aspects required in arthroscopic surgery that cannot be found in endoscopic instruments on the market today.

  • • Steerability: With its steerable tip, the Steerable Punch can easily reach the surgical site. It replaces multiple pre-bent punches, which reduces surgery time and risk on complications.
  • • Detachable: Easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning and sterilization.
  • • Cleanability: Cable-less design easy to clean through standard cleaning methods.

Moreover, Surge-on Medical’s patented steerable technology is the base of a platform of technologies with applications in many fields of surgery. The Steerable Punch is our first product, while the Steerable Grasper (for laparoscopy, with a market value of €1.8 billion) and PoLaRS (a portable surgical robot, with a market value of €3.2 billion) are in development.

Capital requirement

Surge-on Medical was founded in 2015 with the aim of providing innovative surgical tools that optimize the performance of the surgeon to enhance the quality of care for the patient. Along these years, Surge-on Medical raised €600,000 that covered the development of the Steerable Punch and started the development of more instruments for laparoscopy and robotic surgery. Surge-on Medical is currently coordinating the first surgeries in patients using the Steerable Punch. After the successful surgeries, Surge-on Medical will start scaling-up the manufacturing, marketing and sales activities with our global partners. To finance the worldwide market launch of the Steerable Punch and the company’s growth into more surgical fields, the company plans to raise at least €3 million at

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